SAP Business One Support

With 2 dedicated support centres, Bluekey provides SAP Business One support of the highest standard

SAP Business One support from Bluekey Software Solutions provides you with the tools for your business to excel.

As part of our vision for long-term partnerships with our customer we offer a range of SAP Business one Support options to ensure that you get the support you need when you need it.  SAP Business One Support services include help-desk, report development and remote assistance and consulting.  Our objective is always to ensure you receive the best possible SAP Business One Support, value and up-time from your investment in SAP Business One and Bluekey.


If you do not have access to our web-based call logging and support system, please send an email to requesting access.


In many instances we can deliver better value by helping you remotely.  The Bluekey Virtual Assistant allows us, with your authorisation, to take control of your computer to assist you.  As well as saving time and money, this method educates users and improves troubleshooting skills as they follow the session on their screens.

Frequently asked support questions:

Can I access my SAP Business One system from my mobile phone?

Yes, there are various modules and add-on’s that are available for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android mobile devices. These have been designed specifically for SAP Business One so you can access all your business data whether you are on holiday in the Bahamas or going to a meeting.

Is SAP Business One easy to use?

Yes, SAP Business One is an extremely easy to use ERP solution for smaller businesses. Central to SAP Business One’s low total cost of ownership is its ease-of-use. For companies that do not have the time or the resources to embark on an extensive training programme, SAP Business One ERP provides a very effective solution.