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We are a multinational consulting firm dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in the field of software consulting and services, strategy, development, operations, infrastructure, application maintenance, on-demand and outsourcing; with offices in Europe, Latin America, United States, Middle East and Africa. We have a core focus on SAP Business One solutions to many different industries in order to help businesses throughout Africa run better.

Bluekey Seidor is founded on the value proposition that the successful implementation of effective processes and controls brings real and tangible benefits to business stakeholders by providing full visibility and driving efficiency, service, profitability and growth. Through innovative technology.

Bluekey Seidor is the No.1 SAP Business One Partner In Africa

Bluekey Seidor specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Africa and South Africa. Bluekey Seidor is headquartered in Johannesburg and has branches in Cape Town, Durban, Kenya – Nairobi and Tanzania – Dar-es-Salaam. Bluekey Seidor is Africa’s largest SAP Business One partner, a SAP-certified Gold Partner, SAP Business One partner of the year for SAP Business One South Africa 2005-2011, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner.


ERP for SME’s with SAP Business One

SAP Business One by Bluekey Seidor is an affordable and easy-to-use business management software solution designed specifically for small and midsize businesses (SME’s), by SAP. SAP Business One enables you to manage your critical business functions in a single integrated business management system. With SAP Business One, you can instantly access complete and up-to-the-minute business information, so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably. SAP Business One helps you bring sales, financial management, reporting, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM) all under one flexible, responsive and affordable system.

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High-speed analytics and supercharged performance with SAP HANA

This powerful solution brings big business technology to smaller businesses, enabling them to optimise all their business processes, improve financial performance, increase profit margins, improve customer service, solve complex problems, and mitigate risk.

Visibility & data access in Wholesale & Distribution drives growth

An affordable software solution, designed specifically for SMEs, that provides real-time access, a complete 360-degree view of every aspect of the wholesale & distribution chain, as well as integration with financial management processes is a key requirement for growing businesses.

Bluekey says “hola” to global strategic partner

Bluekey, the pan-African professional business solutions company, today announced that Spanish headquartered global SAP partner, Seidor, has taken a major stake in the business. The strategic investment boosts the Seidor group to the top three global providers of SAP Business One solutions and services, and to number one in EMEA.

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SAP Business One will allow great transparency into our costs, efficiencies and margins

Our need to more accurately track our stock values and cost of sales has compelled us to implement an integrated system that manages our entire business from quoting, ordering, receiving, production and sales – all across a single and integrated financial system.

Pretor customer testimonial


Pretor increases performance with SAP business One Property Management solution

After considering a number of different options the decision to implement an ERP based on SAP, SAP Business One, was made. This decision was based not only on the cost implication, but also the reliability of SAP software, the ability to meet our requirements, and also our future needs.

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Source SA gains 360 degree insight & detailed reporting with SAP Business One

We gained complete overview and reporting mechanism to track order production from beginning to end. In addition we wanted a system that could remotely take customer orders at trade fairs and sync to SAP Business One and instantly generate purchase orders.